World Bakers Showcase: Have Some Cake UK Comes To Our List


A very beautiful evening to you my wonderful bakers and cake lovers, Still your girl buzzing your screen with my promise – The world Bakers’ Showcase! I promised you an exciting roll out of bakers that are not of Naija origin, a display of excellent performances all over the world as regards cake. This is the second edition of this programme and I am sure we will soon loose count because I got a lot of them on the list..

In today’s edition of the showcase I bring to you from the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom a sensation in the baking industry. ladies and gentlemen, behold Enrique Rojas, Creative director and sugar artist at Have Some Cake UK. He has been in the cake art for six years and has made so much impact in the cake affairs of the UK



And this is his advice to upcoming bakers.. “Be yourself, be adventurous and kind to others. And find who you want to make Cakes for, develop a style and work on it. And finally, everything takes time to mature, small firm baby steps is good”

See some of his works










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