UNUSUAL CAKE DESIGNS: Exploring the Talent of Naija Bakers


Cake decoration and sugar craft as it was known in the ancient times were just the covering of the baked cake with royal icing. Then other forms of decoration like fondant, butter icing, pastillage (gum paste) and others coming into existence as cake decorators we looking for more ways present cakes at celebrations. In all these inventions of new techniques of cake decoration, the object (which is the cake) didn’t necessarily have to be altered as they were usually decorated with the original shape of the baked cake (square or round) and usually, cake stacking was the advanced way of presenting a decorated cake.

Over time, the need to express more art in cakes brought about carving out figures and shapes with cakes before they were decorated. This era gave rise to the various sugar crafted cakes we see today that represent different characters and themes. It is important to note that the common cake deco still remains the normal shape of square and round cakes with stacking (tiers) as options.

Having stated the above facts, my basis for this post is to highlight the extreme cake engineering and art which has led to cake constructions that depict just any object, theme or character. This creative actions by talented sugar crafters have brought about a lot of cake arts. Now, the cake artist can create an image of any other object with cake and its deco. This I call UNUSUAL CAKE DESIGNS. With the invention of this style of deco, customers are no more limited in their ideas of the style of cake deco they want; thus we have creative cake stylists who can just do anything with cakes!

By this, the cake industry is ready for just any idea from clients, be it animal sculpture, fruits, machines, cars, airplane castles, or any other presentation, we have Naija bakers and indeed world bakers that can recreate them in CAKES!


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