The Blog Has Taken Off Again


Some time in 2019, I tried starting off my daily and weekly posts on the blog site but alas I realized I was not fully ready then. This work is not easy!

So I took another long break so I can finally sort out all the things that are holding me back…. Right now I am just ready to take up this apace again!! Don’t ask me how I am going to be doing this together with my recipe page (Da Recipe Queen) on Instagran and my Youtube page, I have asked for divine strength and it has been granted me. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the news and showcases coming on this blog. Don’t forget to be on my recipe pages as that one will continue to work in full force.

A lot has happened in the baking industry all these years I was on my break and I can not capture all of them here so I will be taking the news bit by bit as I get them. This time, my content hunters will be everybody in the industry. This will help to make sure no relevant information is left out in our daily posts

Good News!!! Our CAKE DIRECTORY will soon be launched again. As you know, it is a one-stop platform where buyers of cake will meet sellers of cake. The form will soon be out. All you need to do is fill the form with your Business Name correct address and contact phone number and e-mail. You might also need to put up a little information about your shop, then submit it. My team will verify from our end here and …..YOU ARE LISTED in the directory. From then, anyone can find you easily when they are looking for cake shops near them.

Let me stop my gist here! See you in my next post!



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