#POLO18: The Talented Boss Of Lizzy’s Cakes & Craft Weds Hubby Amidst Towers Of Cakes


And it came to pass that Elizabeth the daughter of Okon from the tribe of Ibom accept the hands of Philip the Son of Ogunleye and sayest unto him ” I do wed thee” in the congregation of the people. This is to fulfill what the prophet said..”And the man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cling unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. This happened in the second month of the eighteenth year after the millennium……

Dear cake lovers! this is how it went down just recently… I was there live and saw it! You know I am  a fan of fantastic cake and I tell you, I was getting ready for it as the time drew near…



Alas I was not disappointed (Bakers have this culture of forgetting to create their own wonders when it comes to their own events). I saw it set at the hall! First the engagement and later the castle cake that rep the white!


My people there is no need to talk too much…see it for yourself








Lizzy we wish you a blissful married life and a fruitful union. We are indeed proud of you. Naija cake industry is proud of you…24/7 Naija Cake Affairs is proud of you.



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