Picture Cake Inspirations


A unique way of decorating custom cakes, picture themed cakes have been existing for over a decade. While some cake artists use edible paints to carefully draw the desired image to precision, most cake decorators will simply print out an existing image on an edible (or non edible) paper and cut the traced image out before pasting it on the decorated cake. Which ever way, picture cakes have a way of appealing to the eyes as a unique design.

One of the most exciting aspects of today’s picture cake designs is the way decorators create a blending background for the cropped picture, presenting an entirely different and exciting design that depicts the lush on custom cakes.

We have various Naija bakers who have made outstanding picture themed cakes. I just picked some of the ones in my judgement that can create the intended inspiration for this post. Note there are varieties of picture themed cakes out there on social media. This post is designed to ignite your passion for picture cakes and give you inspiration for your next birthday ( for a customer) or your next job (as a cake decorator). Let’s look at these collections and guess the designers ( put their names in the comment box if you can).


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