Naija Bakers’ Diary Series. – Kema Abuede Speaks Of His Brand “Conspicuous Cakes”


My wonderful bakers and cake lovers, i wish you a blest and prosperous new week. this is a new day in a new week and I bring a new thing to you my community of readers. It is new because it has a twist between two great brands. I got talking with one of the very best of Naija’s creative talents in cake decoration who has worked for one of Naija’s foremost cake brands and has also silently built a solid brand for himself. I call him “the gifted hands”, others call him “the cake priest”….my dear readers, I present to you Kema Abuede (Cake Priest), the CEO/ Creative director of Conspicuous Cakes and the presenter of the award winning Cake Priest TV, a new sensation in the cake industry.

Let’s take this jolly drive with him as he stirs the boat through his life as a cake designer..




 May we know your name and Business name and where you are based?

My name is Kema Abuede aka Cake Priest from Delta State. I run a Cake outfit called Conspicuous Cakes


 When (the year) did you start this Cake Biz?

I have been in the Cake industry for 11 years. I started in 2005 with Cakes by Tosan till 2010…when I now started my own cake outfit



What are the things that prompted you to start up your Cake Biz as in How your love for cake decorating started?

I never had interest in cake making..I started it out of joblessness while I was still waiting for an admission into the university. After several failed attempts and disappointments of gaining university admission ‎, My brother Tunica ( the CEO of Classic Cakes I do) had to invite me to Lagos and that was how I came and joined Cakes by Tosan and along the time, I finally got an admission and also continued with cake making up till now




What was the first official job you remembered making as a Cake designer and how did you feel then?

My first job was in 2005 way back when I was still with Cakes by Tosan. That job was for Amstel Malta programme where I molded 11-12 characters that was used for their Ambo show.


Can you tell us your greatest challenges in the Cake Biz or the ups and downs you have faced as a Cake designer?

My greatest challenge has been Conflict of Designs because at times when am working on a Cake, I Keep thinking about other designs thereby changing this and that and it’s time consuming but am glad to say that by the end of the day, I come up with something great…



What’s your greatest cake decorating triumph?

My greatest Cake triumph was in 2007 at the Mix and Bake Cake Decorating Competition where I emerged as the winner of the show Because I made a timberland boot Cake and also when I made  a Cathedral Cake ‎for my Wedding


How would you describe your decorating style?

I would say my decorating style ‎is Unique because I think about my designs and create them myself



What favourite Cakes do you enjoy baking and decorating and also the favourite colours you love working with?

The favourite cake I like baking is Fruit Cake. I bake it a lot and I will say I am a master in baking it.
Ehmmm….my favourite colour is white.. I love making white background cakes.



What are the benefits (gains) you have reaped as a Cake designer or your greatest achievements?

My greatest achievement is being relevant in the Cake Industry. My name is a force to reckon with and Also the idea of having an online facebook cake TV… ie the Cake Priest TV. I would say being known in the Nigeria Cake industry is my greatest achievement.


A lot of people shy off cakes for health reasons and avoiding sugar. Are there options for these classes of people?

I would advice that they reduce sugar in cakes or probably substitute with honey.. For Me, Cakes are meant to be sweet so if for any health reason, you don’t like sugar…the best thing is to desist from Cakes.


What would you say is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt in your career as a cake designer?

The biggest lesson I have learnt so far is Patience and Humility.


What’s your most treasured piece of cake decorating tool or kit?

I don’t really have a particular treasured tool because I am a free styler. Most of my designs are done without tools because whatever I see at any point is my best.




What’s your advice to upcoming cake designers in the Nigerian Cake Industry?

My advice to them is for them to exercise patience, have the desire to learn, tolerate whatever they pass through under their boss, they should be humble with whatever they know because I noticed that our youths nowadays don’t like staying under anyone for long. I will use myself for instance, I stayed under my boss Mr Tosan Jemide for 7 years but you can hardly see people doing that now. All they are after is being their own boss and that is the main reason why we have a lot of half-baked cake makers. For them to excel and go far in this biz, it’s all about having Patience and being humble‎.


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