Naija Bakers’ Diary Series: Fab Cakes Bakes and Her Winning Strategies


Happy weekend  my wonderful people! I’m so happy we are all alive and active. Today we have started our Naija Bakers’ Diary Series (NBDS) again!! The last time we hosted this segment was in 2018 therefore I am so excited to start off this beautiful segment again. We are taking this segment to a totally different level now and this showcase will be done based on the winners of our TOP NINE cakes segment which is hosted in all our social media handles.

In today’s segment of Naija Bakers’ Diary Series, we are showcasing a baker who has passion for what she does. Mrs. Rukayat Oseni is the Creative Director of FabCakes_Bakes, She was the winner of our  Top Nine cakes on our social media handles in the first week of April. Below is our conversation with her… 

May we know your name and Business name and where you are based?

My name is Oseni Rukayat Olabisi (Mrs). I’m the founder of Fabcakes__bakes. I’m based in Kwara State, Ilorin to be precise.

When (the year) did you start this vending Biz?

I started my business in the year 2015

What are the things that prompted you to start up your Cake Biz as in How your love for cake decorating started?

I have always wished to be a business woman after school. I never see myself working under anyone. But most especially, I loved eating CAKE😉😘 

the winning cake at our Top Nine Cakes show for 1st week of April

What was the first official job you remembered making as a Cake designer and how did you feel then?

It was when I made my friend’s wedding cake and I was the one that best her. I always remember that day, because it was a beautiful, wonderful and memorable day for me.

Can you tell us your greatest challenges in the Cake Biz or the ups and downs you have faced as a Cake designer?

The only challenge I had, was when I started my cake business. As a beginner there was problem of getting people to see what I can do, customers that will patronize my cake business. I only get one or two cake orders within 2/3months and it’s even family and friends order, with little or no profit at all. And the challenge I’m having presently is, let me just say because of the environment that I am, I don’t always get Cake Designs that will challenge my capability. I bless God for everything I have but you know as Human, we always want more.

What’s your greatest cake decorating triumph?

It was the Castle Cake, I made for Ilorin Wedding Party. More massive cake still coming more though

How would you describe your decorating style?

My decorating style😊👌🏼 I’m a very detailed person, as I love paying attention while decorating my cakes. And for me to achieve a 6good/topnotch deco, my cake covering is always NEAT, PERFECT and SHARP. My students always call my the “Perfecto”. Even if I have a short time or I’m rushing to decorate a cake, that perfect touch will still be there. That’s my signature, as my cakes are always NEAT👌🏼.

What favorite Cakes do you enjoy baking and decorating and also the favorite colors you love working with?

I enjoy baking butter based cake because I love working on FONDANT cakes. I love custom/creative cakes. Cake Decorations that will challenge me, in order to show what I can do for people to see. I don’t really have favorite color. I’m cool with any color.

What are the benefits (gains) you have reaped as a Cake designer or your greatest achievements?

My cake business has made me to be among the amazing vendors in my vicinity and more. For achieving the blessings that I can’t write or post about.
It has made me to meet lots of amazing and big people.
I have the opportunity to pass knowledge to people. To make my clients happy by delivering beautiful cakes.

A lot of people shy off cakes for health reasons and avoiding sugar. Are there options for these classes of people?

Yes, there are options for them. We always love to satisfy our clients.

What would you say is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt in your career as a cake designer?

Whatever one loves doing, always do it to perfection and leave everything to God. Because one day he will crown your efforts

What’s your most treasured piece of cake decorating tool or kit?

Cake Smoothers (I love to see my cakes sharp)

What’s your advice to upcoming cake designers in the Nigerian Cake Industry?

Be hardworking, have good customer relationship, don’t be a wasteful spender, I know its your money (profit made from your cake business) but always invest back into the business, get the necessary things that will make your products to be unique. Don’t look down on people, most especially your students. Always have good Tutor-Student relationship with them.


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