My Mocha Cake Recipe


My Mocha Cake Recipe! I posted this recipe recently on a group where I was asked to be the online tutor for that day. You know what? i was glad I did! A lot of people were blest by that post. That is exactly why I have decided to publish in on the blog so more people could see it for possible adoption.


Mocha is a perfect combination of Chocolate and Coffee!

10″ inch Mocha Cake Recipe


Ingredients needed

  • Flour- 750g
  • Sugar- 500g
  • Margarine- 500g
  • Eggs- 12 medium sized
  • Baking Powder(single action)- 3 level teaspoons
  • Preservative- 1 tablespoon
  • Cocoa Powder- 4 tablespoons
  • Coffee(Nescafe)- 2 tablespoons
  • Evaporated Milk- 1 tin
  • Browning- Heavy pour
  • Dark Treacle- desired quantity
  • Flavours- 4 capfulls/teaspoons of Fosterclark or Rayners Chocolate flavour plus 2 capfulls/teaspoons of fosterclark or rayners Condensed Milk Flavour


  1. a. Pour in half of the liquid milk into a small bowl plate and Soak the cocoa powder and coffee in the liquid milk, Stir and leave to mature
    b. Sieve your flour 3 times in a bowl and add baking powder, preservative to it and keep aside
  2. Break the eggs and whisk it and set aside too
  3. Sieve your sugar and pour the fine grain textured sugar into your mixing bowl and add your margarine, flavours to it and cream together with your electric mixer or wooden spoon
  4. Cream the mixture for 30- 45 mins till its pale in colour and gets fluffy
  5. Add the whisked eggs into the butter and sugar mixture and cream very well
  6. Afterwards, Add your dark treacle and the soaked milk+cocoapowder+ coffee mixture to it and cream thoroughly
  7. Then start pouring in the flour gradually till it incorporates and mixes well
  8. Pour in the remaining liquid milk and browning into the batter and mix thoroughly
  9. Cream your Cake pan with little margarine, then line it with parchment/brown/white paper , rub margarine again on the paper, then sprinkle flour inside the lined and creamed pan, make the flour go round , finally tap and knock off the excess flour
  10. Scoop or pour in the batter into the pan
  11. Then bake



  1. Remember to preheat your oven ahead of time before you start baking
  2. Don’t allow your batter which is in the pan to stay outside for a long time before baking
  3. Make sure you tap your pan on a flat/hard surface ….because by so doing, you are leveling your batter and you are removing the air bubbles which is one of the major causes of holes in a Cake
  4. Wait for 1 hour before you open your oven to check the cake
  5. Always place a stainless plate of water on the ground rack of the oven….the reason for this is to ensure that the cake doesn’t dry out even if you are baking with a high oven temperature…it helps to keep your cake moist
  6. Always bake with a moderate oven temperature ( not too low…not too high)
  7. Each time your cake is fully baked and you bring it out from the oven, ensure that you cover the pan with foil or cake board….this process will help your cake to be moist and prevent the top and the sides from getting dry/hard but every 5 mins, open it to clean off the evaporated steam that rests on the board or foil…keep doing this till the cake gets warm and stops releasing steam… just cover it till you are ready to use it that same day!

Make sure you try it out….

I will be glad to answer any question relating to this post!

Good luck!



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