My Coconut Cake Recipe


My wonderful bakers and cake lover, again I say Happy New-year to you. In the spirit of the new year I want to share my Special coconut cake recipe. I can try it out and post under the comments box as a review to this post.

Let’s start!

The Ingredients needed

1. 200g of any Unsalted butter

50g of any salted butter


250g of Stork margarine

2. 200g of fine granulated sugar


200g of light/dark brown sugar( if you want the cake brown in colour)

3. 250g of Eggs

4. 300g of Light Flour

5.  2 teaspoons of Rayners Coconut Flavour

6. 250ml of Any Coconut Milk

7. 1 level teaspoon of Fosterclark Baking powder Plus half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

8. 150g of  TRS Medium Desiccated Coconut


200g of TRS Fine Desiccated Coconut

9. Desired quantity of browning if you want it brown


1. Soak the desiccated coconut into the coconut milk

2. Get your pan ready by greasing and lining it with margarine/ cooking spray and baking paper

3. Sift flour thrice and add the raising agents(baking powder and bicarbonate of soda)

4. Cream the butter( soft) or margarine and sugar and coconut flavour together until it’s fluffy

5. Break and add eggs

6. Gradually pour in the sift flour into the mixture

7. Pour in the soaked desiccated coconut and the coconut milk remnant into the batter

8. Quit mixer use and Hand mix throughly with wooden spatula
– at this point… If you want to add browning, you can pour in desired quantity into the barter

9. Scoop the barter inside the prepared pans

10. Tap and Level the surface with spoon…. Then bake

Note- when it’s out of the oven.. Cover it with foil immediately when it’s still in the pan.

Then allow to cool


I hope someone tries it out

Don’t forget to give me feedback and tell me how yours turned out.



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