How To Make a Simple Cake Topper for Your Cupcakes


Good afternoon my beautiful bakers and cake lovers, I do hope you are all doing great despite the various worrisome news we keep hearing both here in Nigeria and all over the world. All over the news today is about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s really a worrisome news as this can lead to war and displacement of innocent citizens. We all have to keep up the faith and do our bit to see that the world is a better place

Away from the worries of life, I bring to you a little pictorial to cheer you up. This pictorial will help a lot of Cake Decorators here. You can make your cupcakes look beautiful and attractive and convincing so your Customers will be willing to pay.

All you need to do is to browse and Save the Cartoon/Character Image you want to Print, Print them on a hard paper, and cut them out for use. With your scissors, Uhue glue and skewers, you can follow the procedure in this set of pictorials bellow to achieve beautiful toppers for your cupcakes:

Bring out all your materials which are already listed above with your choice Cartoon character already printed out.
Depending of the size of the cupcakes you choose to decorate, cut the skewers to the desired length making sure it will be enough to stick into the cupcake and hold the thick paper cut-out.
Carefully trace and cut out the printed cartoon character images with your scissors.
Next, apply the Uhue glue on the back of the printed single images you have already cut out and then stick the skewers to the back of the cut-out images making sure the only visible part of the skewer is the length that will stick into the cupcake
Wait a few minutes for it to dry up, then your toppers are ready! Stick them into your already decorated cupcakes making sure the skewer goes right inside the cake leaving only the base of the topper.
Your beautifully decorated cupcakes are ready for delivery!!


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