#foreverahmuyours18: Uyi Weds Ahmed With Cake By Sweet Indulgence


For me, Naija weddings come with this nostalgic feelings……I think of the bride and the groom coming together to live as one…for life (at least that’s how it is meant to be). This was the case for Uyi and Ahmed, they knew quite well that this very act symbolizes the beginning of a happy life together, a life that will come with challenges, trials and ofcourse victory.

Now that’s not my sermon…I am always particular about CAKES ! At this point I want to give it up for Sweet Indulgence by Ola. The cake was simply out of this world! You could easily see it in the couples’ eyes. The smiles on their face says it all. The cake simply looks like it is hanging from the top with its weight suspended. This is an art! and we give kudos to the Naija baker.

Let’s see the pictures…














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