CONFECTIONATELY YOURS: A story of great taste


Confectionately Yours (CY) by Mrs da-Silva was started in 1983 by confectioner par excellence, Mrs Remi da-Silva. She started the business out of her kitchen, using her own recipe for hand pressed all-butter cookies. Word of her mouth-watering cookies soon spread far and wide, and it was not unusual to see long queues of people waiting outside the bakery for the next batch to come out of the oven!

Before long, CY by Mrs DaSilva had expanded her repertoire to include a range of celebration cakes that looked exquisite and tasted even better! Her line of novelty cakes for children was particularly popular, with her beautiful creations becoming a focal point at birthday parties throughout the city. The passion and creativity she put into every cake order, and the lengths she went to ensure that her clients were happy, endeared her to the hearts of her clients, many of whom became members of her extended family.

Over the years, the CY by Mrs da-Silva’s brand has evolved into a full service bakery with product lines that include bread, pastries, desserts, cakes and the cookies that started it all. A true pioneer in the industry, Mrs da-Silva and CY are blazing a trail for new entrants to follow.


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