BAKERS LIFE-LINE: Cake Related Question & And Answer Session (2)



“This programme provides answers to cake related questions. Airing live every Friday, the extracts are published here on the learning clinic for readers to know more and learn more and teach more. Feel free to also put you own answers and views in the comments box”


BY Imaobong Anireh

When I use self-raising flour my cake does not rise properly, do I need to add baking powder? If yes, what quantity? Thanks


Maryam Suleiman: Self raising flour already has baking powder so you don’t need to add. My guess is the flour has probably stayed too long and has the active ingredients have become weak therefore making your cakes have a low rise. Try adding 1 and a half tsp to every cup of flour instead of self raising flour in your recipe.

Sade Oguntolu: Is it one and half teaspoon or 1 teaspoon? I use 1 teaspoon to every cup of flour and sift thrice and it works perfectly for me.

Maryam Suleiman: For self raising, its one and a half teaspoon baking powder with a quarter tsp of salt

Ademuyiwa Olonade: What’s the difference between self raising and all purpose flour….pLSSSSSS

Maryam Suleiman: Self raising flour has baking powder and salt added while all purpose flour doesn’t


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