A Peep Into The Ovens of Cakes by Dharnael


My dear bakers and cake lovers, I bring you greetings from the publishing desk of this noble blog. I hope we all are surviving the economic situation in the country and indeed all over the world. One this is sure ” With perseverance , we will succeed”.

Today I want to cheer you up again with my cake news. Today i want to share a beautiful result of my long neck peep into the ovens of Cakes by Dharnael

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Daniel Obuh is the creative director and CEO of Cakes by Dharnael, located in the ancient Benin city in the present Edo State. When I was going through the pages of this cake designer, the biggest puzzle on my mind (as would be in some of yours) is “Can this wonder from Benin?” You know most of us usually feel that these mind-blowing designs must either come from Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja.. But its so wonderful to burst so many bubbles, seeing great designs coming from all quarters of the Nigerian cake industry ! Daniel is one of the great guys I have seen and it’s my pleasure to showcase him to the world as we go through some of his works here. Also feel free to visit his official Instagram page to view more of his works.



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