Written and Published by J. A. Godwin

Sometimes a fondant decorated cake might require for you to add a shiny and glossy effect to bring out its realistic look. One of the frequently asked questions by sugar benders is ” How do I make my fondant covered cakes shiny and glossy?” “how do I make my fondant decorations glimmer?”

We shall be learning some few tricks on how to make a fondant decoration shiny.

Fondant generally has a dull appearance without any effect added to make it glimmer. The reason for a shiny fondant may arise from the type of decoration and design of your cake to give it a realistic appearance and effect. There are few techniques you can use to make fondant decorations and fondant covered cakes shiny, though. The degree of gloss varies depending on the technique you use.

Here are 5 WAYS to make your fondant glossy

1) STEAM METHOD :- Usually you will need a handheld steaming device for this method. Simply fill in the steamer with clean water and heat. When the water in the steamer is heated, gently apply the steam by releasing the hot air over your fondant at a distance of 5 inch away from the surface of the fondant for at least 5 seconds interval. Avoid applying the steam for too long on a spot, this might melt the icing or cause the colour to bleed. One of the advantages of steaming is that it helps to conceal excess corn starch and powdered sugar left on the fondant. But steamed gloss fades out quickly…so you might want to use this method few minutes before the cake presentation.

2) ALCOHOL METHOD :- Get a clean spray bottle and fill with clear alcohol (non tainted alcohol) this is to prevent getting your fondant stained. After filling the spray bottle, gently spray the fondant with the spray nozzle about 4 inches away from the surface of the fondant. Avoid applying too much alcohol, applying too much may cause puddles to form and dry out leaving traces of damages. Wait several hours for the alcohol to completely dry. This will make your fondant glossy.

3) VEGETABLE SHORTENING :- Get any vegetable shortening and rub gently on the fondant with either your fingers or use a vegetable cooking spray. After applying the shortening evenly. Use a dry paper towel to rub the surface in successive circular motion as if you are polishing your shoe..haha!
This should remove any finger print and marks given you the desired glossy look. You can reapply shortening over again. Though shortening does not get dried out easily even after part of it is absorbed. Avoid touching the surface of your fondant after applying the shortening, this might leave marks and finger print on your gloss.

4) CORN SYRUP :- This technique is the most effective amongst others. To make the corn syrup glaze, mix half corn syrup to half alcohol that is 50% each. Next apply on the surface of your fondant using a small soft paintbrush. Corn syrup glaze gives instant glossy effect to your fondant.

5) EGG WHITE :- Yes! Egg white is just as good as the other techniques. Using a small soft brush, lightly and evenly brush egg whites onto the surface of your fondant. While you try as much as possible to leave less stroke of brush behind. Remove any excess egg white that might spread into tiny spots of the fondant. Allow to dry. Once dry, your fondant should have a medium level gloss. You can apply more egg white if you desire more shiny fondant. However you must allow each quote to dry before reapplying. As for me I like to add some food flavour to the egg white to distort any unpleasant egg scent that may come out later.

Finally would have discussed the ‘Gum Arabic’ as the 6th method but. This particular method might sound strange to many of us…lol!
NB: always try out any of these methods on a piece of fondant separate from your original work before applying to the main piece.


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